Tips on how to choose an air conditioner for your home.

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India’s summers are notoriously harsh and occasionally intolerable.

In order to combat this, the air conditioner is increasingly used as an on-demand appliance at both home and work.

Everyone is aware that installing an AC can increase thermal comfort, but not everyone is familiar with how an AC operates or what its main parts are.

This is a brief overview of the various AC components and how they keep your homes functioning at their best.

Significant components and their roles in an air conditioning system

  • Compressor:

The AC compressor is similar to a refrigerator compressor in that it functions as the brain of your air conditioner.

The compressor’s primary job is to compress gas from low pressure to high pressure, living up to its name.

The gas reaches high temperature in addition to high pressure. The condenser coil then receives this high-temperature gas.

  • Coiled condenser:

The condenser coil, one of the two primary coils, is installed outside the room.

In this coil, heat is released as the hot, compressed gas cools down and condenses into liquid.

By blowing cold air over the coil, a fan attached to the condenser quickens the heat exchange procedure.

  • A vaporizer coil:

The indoor primary coil, which is the other, is situated close to the blower.

Through small pipes, liquid from the condenser enters the evaporator.

The condensed liquid again becomes gas in the evaporator because of the low pressure there. The gas is cool this time, though.

  • Air handler and blowing unit:

Together, the JBlower and air handler draw hot air from the room into the air conditioner and expel cool air back into it. This procedure runs in parallel cycles.

  • Thermostat:

The component in charge of preserving the ideal temperature is this one. It detects any changes in internal temperature and adjusts as necessary.

When we adjust our temperature requirements using the remote control, the thermostat also comes into play.

Other parts won’t function properly and the entire cooling cycle won’t function properly if the thermostat doesn’t keep the proper temperature.

  • Filters:

It is crucial to filter out dirt and dust particles to stop them from getting into the air conditioning system.

For the best results and maximum AC efficiency, each AC has a detachable filter that can be cleaned periodically.

  • Drainpipe:

Water vapour in the air condenses to form water droplets when hot air is transformed into cool air.

If the water droplets are not properly removed from the unit, they may cause a short circuit.

Because of this, the drainpipe is crucial in diverting the water and protecting your home and AC from an electrical hazards.

Knowing how the AC functions will make you more cautious when using and maintaining it in the future.

The components in your air conditioner are all very interdependent, so if one fails, the entire system will also fail.

Thus, regular maintenance and cleaning are needed to keep all the parts in good condition and intact for better and continuous cooling.


While some components, such as the drain outlet and filter, are simple to clean and maintain, other mechanical components are challenging to repair. You require professional assistance for such issues.

Simply call AC Service in Panchkula, Rk Ac Service to schedule our AC repair service whenever you experience AC issues.


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